Acronym Meaning
HMD or THD through-hole assembly
SMT surface mount assembly
PCB Printed Circuit Board
BE component
Acronym Meaning Type
µBGA Mikro Ball Grid Array SMT
ASIC Application Specific Integrated Circuit BE
BGA Ball Grid Array SMT
C-Flat Pack Ceramic Flat Pack SMT
C-LCC Ceramic Leaded Chip Carrier SMT
CMC Ceramic Multilayer Capacitor SMT
COB Chip on Board SMT
C-PGA Ceramic Pin Grid Array HMT/THD
CSP Chip Scale Package -
DIP Dual Inline Package HMT/THD
DRAM Dynamic Random Access Memory BE
FC Flip Chip SMT
FCIP Flip Chip in Package -
FCO Flip Chip on Board SMT
FPC Flexible Printed Circuit PCB
LB Lead Bonding -
LF Lead Frame -
OSC Odd Shaped Component BE
MCM Multi Chip Module SMT
MID Molded Interconnection Device PCB
RCC Resin Coated Copper PCB
PCB Printed Circuit Board PCB
P-LCC Plastic Leaded Chip Carrier SMT
P-QFP Plastic Quad Flat Pack SMT
P-SO Plastic Small Outline SMT
P-TSOP Plastic Thin Small Outline Package SMT
SIP Single Inline Package HMT/THD
SMD Surface Mount Device SMT
SMT Surface Mount Technology SMT
SO Small Outline SMT
SOD Small Outline Diode SMT
SOJ Small Outline J-Lead SMT
SOT Small Outline Transistor SMT
SSOP Shrink Small Outline Package SMT
TAB Tape Automated Bonding SMT
TCP Tape Carrier Package SMT
THP Through Hole Package HMT/THD
THT Through Hole Technology HMT/HMD
TO Transistor Outline BE
TSOP II Thin Small Outline Package, Type II SMT
UTSOP Ultra Thin Small Outline Package SMT
ZIP Zigzag Inline Package HMT/THD