PCB Production

Areas of influence on quality and profitability

Logistics boundary conditions

  • Quality of printed circuit boards and components
  • Manufacturer qualification
  • Transport and handling
  • Storage (storage times, first in-first out)
  • Quantity structure: development of quality strategies for the small lots case.

Process conditions

  • SMD mounting adhesive application
  • Solder paste application
  • SMD fitting

Soldering technology conditions

  • complete flux coverage of the flux surfaces
  • Sufficient (but not yet damaging) temperature-time curve for both fluxing partners, which is matched to the fluxing agent

Design influences

  • Pad dimensions
  • Clearance/Cover Mask
  • Distances to the neighbors (avoidance of soldering gaps)
  • Determination of the insulation distances
  • DIN IEC 326 T3, FTZ22 TV2

Material conditions

  • Joining surfaces: wetting-friendly, sufficiently alloy-resistant materials or coatings.
  • Soft solder: The required composition is given within the permissible tolerance, the contaminating elements are below the permissible limits.

Geometric conditions

  • Reflow: SMD connectors touch the solder paste application on the associated pads in approximately centric position to the pads.
  • Wave: SMD terminals are located centrically over the associated pads, spacing in the range 20...100 µm.
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